Written by DML
The United States is suffering right now; there has never been a more important time to boost the immune system.   With this in mind, DML CBD wants to help people who cannot afford our CBD products.  Therefore, we’ve created the BUDDY BOOST PACK.

Here is how it works:

  1. Below, you will buy the “Buddy Boost Pack.”  The package consists of one (1) bottle of MIRACLE ME MINI, and two (2) bottles of DML CBD MINTS 900mg (60 mints in each bottle, each mint is 15mg).
  2. Collectively, the three bottles cost $165 on DMLcbd.com  But if you purchase them on this page (DMLcbd.com/buddy), you pay just $125.  You save $40.
  3. When you buy the Buddy Boost Pack, I personally donate a Buddy Boost Pack to someone who cannot afford these amazing products.   Buy more than one Buddy Boost Pack knowing I will match your number.  For example: if you buy 5 Buddy Boost Packs ($625), I will donate 5 Buddy Boost Packs.

People who cannot afford DML CBD products go to DMLcbd.com/help. They will be able to purchase the Buddy Boost Pack for just $10.  Basically, covering the shipping and handling.

Please review your shipping address before checking out, be sure that it is up to date.  Please allow for 10 days for your order to arrive.  PLEASE DO NOT contact us for confirmation that your order went through.  You WILL NOT receive a confirmation email. Your confirmation is your credit card charge. You can check your PayPal account or credit card statement to confirm the order went through.  Look for a charge from Project 1600.  Your tracking number will be emailed to you when the order ships.  We appreciate your generosity.


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