ALERT: As of May 1, we have replaced the 30mg softgels with 10mg softgels.  But instead of there being a 30 count, the bottle has a 90 count. Thus, the 900mg of total CBD remains the same, and the formula is the same.  Due to COVID19 shutdowns, the manufacturing of 30mg softgels will not start again until June 1.  There is no difference between these two products with the exception of the mg.  You should take 3 of the 10mg to equal one 30mg.   The price per bottle and discounts remain the same.


3 Bottles. 30 softgels per bottle. 30mg per softgel.
NOTE: Replaced until June 1 with 90 sofgels per bottle, each softgel 10mg.

DML Pure CBD 900mg offers a natural, powerful dose of CBD in a single serving. Get 30mg of cannabidiol in each easy-to-swallow softgel. I take two softgels each day, one in the morning and one at night.  But you can take just one if you prefer.

Each bottle contains 900mg of total CBD & less than 0.3% THC by weight. 30 softgels come per bottle.

If you prefer to buy just one bottle instead of 3 bottles, please know you will pay more per bottle ($85) but you can click here to buy just one bottle.

Ships: Ground Service. Orders ship within 48 hours or sooner. Clocks starts from the time order is placed.

TOTAL: $225.00

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