DML Pure Starter Pack
Three (3) DML Pure 1000 bottles of tincture oil.
One (1) DML Pure 900 bottle of sofgels. 

Total of four (4) bottles in your package.

The DML Pure Starter Pack is designed after the same process I took to feel great again.  When you buy the DML Pure Starter Pack, you instantly become eligible for massive discounts when reordering.

Here is how it works.

Even though DML Pure 1000 and DML Pure 900 are individually priced better than any competing product of its kind, wants to make it so you can feel great again for as little cost as possible. The savings you receive for buying the DML Starter Pack is significant.

Pricing for a single bottle of DML Pure 1000 is $65 plus $4 shipping. But when you buy the DML Pure Starter Pack, the price of each bottle drops to $50 with free shipping. That’s a savings of near 30%. Then consider the price of the DML Pure 900. It alone sells for $85 plus $4 shipping. But when purchased as part of the DML Pure Starters Pack, it is $70 with free shipping.

The DML Pure Starter Pack is a 4 month supply.   When you enter the 4th month and begin using the 900 softgels, you should contact via email at [email protected] before placing your next order.  Because of your loyalty to our brand, and to help fuel your commitment to feel great again, will offer you even better pricing than what is offered on this website.  This means I am prepared to work with every customer to ensure he or she continues to feel great.  I know of no other CBD company willing to do this sort of thing for its customers.

The goal is to help you feel great again, and then to help you stay that way.

DML Pure Starter Pack + Miracle Me 8oz
If you want to get feeling great again a whole lot faster, we suggest adding on one bottle of Miracle Me CBD pain relief body oil.  The fast acting remedy is a special mix of pure CBD and essential oils.  It can attack pain in specific areas after rubbing in just two squirts of this powerful formula that I use every day.   The 8oz bottle offers a whopping 2000mg of CBD. Save 10% when buying this package.  Miracle Me 8oz sells for $199.  The Starter Pack sells for $220.  But instead of paying $439, you pay only $378.  Scroll to the bottom of this page to buy.


OPTION ONE: DML Pure Starter Pack
3 bottles of 1000 tincture oil.
1 bottle of 900 softgels. (30 softgels)
Should last 4 months.

Ships: Ground service.
Please allow for up to ten days to receive your order.
PRICE: $220.00

OPTION 2: DML Pure Starter Pack + Miracle Me 8oz.

3 bottles of 1000 oil.
1 bottle of 900 softgels. (30 softgels)
Should last 4 months.
1 bottle of Miracle Me CBD 2000 (8oz)

Ships: Ground service.
Please allow for up to ten days to receive your order.
PRICE: $378.00
S&H: Free

.Need help ordering? Email us at [email protected]

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