On this page you will find the product(s) being offered at huge discounts.  Sometimes those discounts are coupon-based, other times it’s a low-price offer, but the biggest deals are the BOGO sales which we offer from time to time.  Whatever the deal, we offer some sort of deal each and every day.

‘BOGO’ is short for BUY ONE GET ONE free.  For example: If you order one unit you will receive two, but for the price of one.

Please note: Your receipt will NOT reflect the free items, but they will be included in your box when delivered.

For a limited time only, when you BUY a bottle of our 6.7 oz Miracle Me CBD Pain Relief Body Oil, you will receive a FREE 1 year membership to TEAML DML. You will receive all the special benefits of TEAM DML, including:

  • Access to the full audio and video versions of the DML Podcast and the Wine & Talk
  • Live Chat with other TeamDML members 24/7/365
  • 30% off on all DML branded products
  • Free DML branded gift
  • Phone texting support with DML and family
  • Ad-free news feed from top news outlets

Email [email protected] after purchasing your bottle.