If you need to contact DML CBD, the best thing to do is read the information below.  If you still need to contact us, please use email.

If you placed an order with the wrong address we cannot change this for you if the product has already shipped. We cannot redirect shipments that already shipped.  If we have not shipped your order, which means you have not received a tracking number from us via email, then use the contact form below.  When submitting the form, be sure to list what you purchased, date of purchase, the EXACT name on the receipt and the address to which you want your order shipped.  We DO NOT guarantee that we can change your address in time, but we will try.  We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for products being sent to wrong addresses.

If you have questions about which DML CBD product is best for you then please contact your doctor.  We are not physicians.  We cannot and will not respond to questions that should be answered by a doctor. Please be sure to read all disclosures at the top of each product page, and in our policies section.  Do not order unless you totally agree with the policies.

In the rare event that your order is damaged, lost, incorrect, or missing items, please use the contact us form below.  Explain your issue CLEARLY.  Please read your information twice before hitting submit to prevent mistakes.  We need your name, address, what you purchased, when you purchased, and your issue must be clearly explained without going into long detail.  In 99% of the cases, a person who thinks they received the wrong items or missing units turns out to be incorrect.  So please be sure to check your receipt to confirm what you purchased before contacting us with a complaint.  If you have a tracking number and your package shows being delivered somewhere other than your address, please contact your postal office first.  If they cannot help then contact us.  Please note, if a package is scanned by the Post Office or UPS as being delivered to your home but you did not receive it, we are not responsible for stolen packages.

Our customer service department is slower than what you may expect from Amazon, or other major retailers.  We do not outsource our customer service overseas or to third party companies.  We handle our customer service internally, and so it can take up to 3 business days to return emails.  If you decide to place a dispute with your credit card company because you have not heard back from us then you are only delaying a resolution.  If you place a credit card dispute — for any reason — without having communications with us then please know we will likely challenge your dispute and turn the account over to collections.  In addition, you will not be permitted to order from us in the future. NOTE: You need not issue a dispute. If we are in the wrong we will issue a refund within a reasonable time frame.  Disputes take months to resolve so please, please, please do not place a dispute!

Many times a wrong address being entered into the shopping cart system will cause your order to be rejected when attempting to place the order.  Check your address spelling and format.  If you’re still having problems, add the 4-digit extension on your zip code (example 11801-3434).   This will often clear the issue.

When your order is ready to ship a tracking number is generated.  You will receive an automated email with the tracking number.  It is your responsibility to track your package.  Please DO NOT contact us to track your package unless USPS says the package was delivered to the wrong address.   With this in mind, the USPS website offers the ability to track the shipping process.  Meaning, you can see each time your order is scanned in its route. Please DO NOT contact us if the status shows “pre-shipment” until it’s been that way for more than 5 business days.  Also, please avoid contacting us if the status mentions a processing center that is not close to your state.  For example, if you live in Maine and your package shows it is currently at a processing center in Texas, although they may appear strange to you the post office’s shipping process often depends on the class (priority, first class, etc).  In short, please allow the process to continue.  If two weeks pass and your box appears to be in a lost or in an endless loop, then please contact USPS with your tracking number.  Let us know if you hit a dead end.  If USPS shows your package delivered to an address that is not yours, you should contact us and USPS.

All testing for our products are listed at the bottom of the product information page, and with your item you will find either a QR code or link to current test results.  All suggested instructions of use are listed on the label of your product.

We appreciate your business. If you need to contact us for something more, use email: [email protected]