TINCTURE 3000mg.
Buy 3 Pack of DML POWER.

DML’s newest product is a CBD tincture that is a major game changer for people who want to feel great again and build the immune system.  It’s called DML POWER CBD. It is powerful, effective, and tested safe.  It provides a full spectrum tincture that offers the perfect mix of natural CBD and THC.

ALERT: There is no cure or treatment for COVID19. Many doctors say the best thing you can do is boost your immune system. DML CBD POWER in an amazing product designed to help boost the immune system.

Other CBD brands sell 3000mg tinctures for as high as $199 per bottle knowing that one month’s supply won’t do much for you long term.  Furthermore, our research indicates that many of these brands offer a much lesser potency and efficacy than what they advertise on the label.  That’s not the case with DML POWER CBD.

DML POWER CBD comes in a 3-pack only, meaning we do not sell single bottles at this time.  We do this because we believe that in order to truly reap the full benefits of a full spectrum product like DML POWER CBD, a person must use the product for at least 90-days continuously.  Once the 3 month journey is complete, we invite you to can come back to this website and buy one bottle at a time.  Single bottle sales begin June, 1, 2020.

DML POWER CBD is priced at just $449 for a 3-pack, which means you pay less than $150 per bottle (A savings of $29 — we will sell a single bottle for $179). You CANNOT find a premium 3000mg tincture that offers this much power, efficacy, and safety for less than $150.  Simply put, we offer the best product at the best price.  But please keep in mind that our supply of this amazing new product is limited for this first run.  Tack on the importance of boosting the immune system amid such turbulent times, and this 3-pack offer is going to be scooped up by customers very quickly.

Buy today, and your shipment will leave within 5 business days.  The order is shipped priority service so you can get started using DML POWER CBD right away.

PRICE: $449
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