The MIRACLE ME MINI bottle comes in a small, 1oz. glass bottle with protective cap and simple pump top.

(1) If you are on a tight budget, try MIRACLE ME MINI before getting the larger MIRACLE ME bottles (click here for 8oz. or 16oz. bottle.)

(2) If you love the 8oz and 16oz bottles because it lasts so long, get a MIRACLE ME MINI bottle to carry in your car, gym bag, briefcase, purse or pocket.

(3) Buy MIRACLE ME MINI for your family, friends and co-workers.

MIRACLE ME CBD pain relief body oil is amazing!  I believe this product offers the perfect blend of THC-free CBD and the world’s finest essential oils.

Customers tell us the MIRACLE ME MINI product is “life changing”, in the sense it helps them feel great again.  We have customers of all types: old, young, female and male, and they use MIRACLE ME MINI for attacking pain throughout the body.   Typically, MIRACLE ME MINI can relieve pain within minutes.  Simply pump a few quirts into your hand and then rub onto the problem areas.  You can apply it to your feet, arms, back, neck, legs, hips… wherever the pain may be at the time.   NOTE: MIRACLE ME MINI also contains properties that fight off bacteria, plus it can help relieve the pain from bug bites.

MIRACLE ME MINI is tested safe by a third-party lab.  If you have any known allergies to essential oils and or plant based products, please contact us prior to buying MIRACLE ME MIN. Email us at [email protected] to tell us what essential oils you are allergic to, and be sure to consult with your doctor.

If you prefer the bigger bottles of MIRACLE ME, click here to buy the 8oz or 16oz.

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Price per MIRACLE ME MINI 1oz. bottle:
Ships USPS Ground.

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