The homeless epidemic in the U.S. is impossible to ignore as it has become commonplace to see Americans living in cars and tents.

Despite a booming economy and a very low national unemployment rate, the situation continues to worsen as many governors have declared a state of emergency and are left struggling to find ways of dealing with the growing problem.

In our film THE UNITED STATED OF TENTS, we first address the misperception about who the homeless are and how they arrived in such dire situations.  We then showcase how outreach organizations and charitable Americans are approaching the issue with great intentions of getting homeless people off the streets and into more livable and healthy conditions.

The film includes interviews with homeless people and veterans in New Jersey, Missouri, Hawaii, Texas, California and Michigan.  In addition, we spend a great deal of time with outreach workers and organizers from Atlanta Hope, The Veterans Community Project, Destiny’s Bridge, and the owner of the San Francisco Giants, Duane Kurisu who has set up a tiny village to provide homes to the homeless.

The production of this film is complete, and as of August 2018 is being prepared for submission to film festivals throughout the United States. The ultimate goal is releasing the film on all major digital platforms like Netflix and Amazon in early 2019.