People can’t stop raving about how fast it works.  They can’t believe it works like it does.  This is why I truly believe MIRACLE ME CBD pain relief body oil is the best remedy you can buy.

The name MIRACLE ME was chosen after the reaction we received from customers.  Most everyone who uses this product has their pain greatly diminish or completely go away after just 15 minutes. When asked to describe the product, users often say, “It’s a miracle.”

This product offers the world’s greatest mix of essential oils, hemp, and THC-free CBD.  There is nothing like it on the market to help relieve body pain. All the ingredients we use are double tested by third-party labs for safety.

MIRACLE ME has the potential to eliminate body and muscle aches within minutes when used as directed. Simply pump two squirts of MIRACLE ME into the palm of your hand.  Rub the oil into both hands and then apply to the body parts where pain exists.  Apply by massaging the oil onto the problem spots for a few minutes and then wait.   In most cases, pain relief will begin in a matter of 15-minutes or less.  In some cases it takes an hour or longer.  Reapply throughout the day as needed.

The 8oz bottle contains 2000mg of CBD.  The 16oz bottle contains 4000mg of CBD.

The 8oz bottle should last 45-days with moderate use.  The 16oz bottle should last 75-days with moderate use.  For active users like myself, the 8oz will last 30-days, and the 16oz will last 60-days.  Although the 16oz provides double the amount of MIRACLE ME, we have provided a discount for the 16oz purchase.

I like to use my own story as an example of how the DML PURE & MIRACLE ME products work.  I take my DML PURE CBD 900mg softgels daily (some users prefer the DML PURE CBD tincture oils).  This combination of MIRACLE ME and DML PURE provides a balanced, full body CBD experience.  After nearly a year, I have never been so happy in my life.  I sleep better, I have more energy, my chronic pain is diminished, and I never experience anxiety even when stressful situations surface.

Here is an example of how the two products enrich my daily experience:
Prior to DML PURE CBD, I had chronic pain throughout my back, legs and neck.  I was barely capable of sleeping through the night, at best I would get 4 hours.   All of this contributed to me being cranky and disgusted. I wasn’t able to enjoy physical activity. My walking routine ended, as did playing with my kids and dog.  DML PURE CBD reversed all those issues.  After 4 months I was able to exercise again, and to work more efficiently.  However, those physical actions created a new set of problems.  For example, I believe DML PURE CBD made it so I can walk many miles each day, and I love to walk on the beach.  But immediately after those walks my lower legs feel the pain associated with long walks in the sand.  I apply MIRACLE ME and the lower leg pain is gone.

Another example: Although DML PURE has helped my chronic pain, I still get episodes of neck pain if I am looking down at the computer for hours, which I do every day.  I apply MIRACLE ME to my neck and shoulders before, during, and after my computer time.  Amazingly, MIRACLE ME makes it so there is no neck pain whatsoever.

MIRACLE ME consists of a proprietary blend of essentials oils and best-in-class CBD.  There is no other company in the United States with a similar product that I know of.  Therefore, I am hopeful that this product can help you feel great again.  I should also mention, I no longer take Advil or Tylenol, nor do I require any off-the-shelf pain relief products.  Sleeping aids are a thing of the past.

Test results will be provided with your shipment.  You should always consult with a physician before using CBD products.  Not intended for people under 18 years old.

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Miracle Me Body Oil

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